Emma (2020) – Big Sigh, Its Emma

Rating (3.0 out of 5)

Summary: My challenge rating a remake, is the film must wow me to receive an above-average score. Simply being a remake, a rating would start with a 3 and the film must earn a better score. This “Emma” offers nothing new to a cute story. Acting and directing are sufficient. If you haven’t seen an “Emma” before, this is a good version. I would recommend another Jane Austen before trying Emma.

Plot: Emma (Anya Taylor-Joy) loves playing matchmaker, until everything falls apart, including her own love. Will it all work out in the end?

Detail: Emma isn’t a very likable character. While she acts if she cares, she is a gossip and an elitist. The idea is she slowly recognizes what she is and grows from her experiences. The film takes quite a while to get there and is a bit plodding along the way.

We spend more time than needed watching people get dressed or undressed by their servants. Don’t know if this is a comment on English society there but the scenes took the pace out of the film. Clocking in at 2 hours and 4 minutes, I would say some of these scenes should have been deposited on the cutting room floor.

If I were going to pick a tale that has recently been remade, I would definitely go with “Little Women” over “Emma”. There more tangible events to create an engaging story. However, I would skip both, since they have been done before. Both films reflect the lack of originality that exists in today’s films.