The Fashion Battle: Project Runway vs Making the Cut vs Next in Fashion

During these shelter-in-place times, you can’t help but watch reality TV. We happened to catch all three fashion shows. Unlike my other posts I am saving my ratings for the end.

“Project Runway” which was Heidi Klum’s show, is now hosted by Karlie Kloss. The format of the show remains relatively the same. A mix of designers sew their own garments in various design challenges. The judges make this show. Brandon Maxwell, Elaine Welteroth, and Nina Garcia are tough critics but provide constructive criticism and more than little levity. Taking Tim Gunn’s place is Christian Siriano. I was surprised that Christian filled the role superbly and added his own flavor to the part. Overall “Project Runway” remains a quality show after 18 seasons, and I continue to enjoy watching it.

“Next in Fashion” is a new Netflix show, featuring hosts Alexa Chung and Tan France. “Next in Fashion” featured a different approach. The designers work in pairs, and then they were surprised when the remaining 6 had to compete as individuals. The designers overall were significantly more experienced than “Project Runway”, and the designs were a notch above. I liked Alexa and Tan together and enjoyed their little design segments. The show tried various guest judges with varying success.

“Making the Cut” is the new Amazon Prime show where Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn moved to after leaving “Project Runway”. The format of the show features experienced designers. Rather than the designers sewing their own clothes, they make patterns, cut fabric and have seamstresses work on the clothes at night. The designers were also from all across the globe and the show travels across the globe. Naomi Campbell and Joseph Altuzarra were the judges, with Nichole Ritchie and Chiara Ferragni sharing guest judging duties. Naomi was bitchie the whole time and Joseph was rather dull. Surprisingly, Nichole Ritchie was the best of the judges.

“Making the Cut” tried to further differentiate itself from “Project Runway” by adding segments where Heidi and Tim do goofy things together. Heidi’s demeanor changed between the two shows, and she attempted to by whimsical and fun. The demeanor didn’t work for me, and felt as though she was challenged by the whimsiness of Alexa Chung that did work.

In the end “Project Runway” (3.5 out of 5) remains the best show to watch. Next is the new challenger, “Next in Fashion” (3 out of 5). I enjoyed the format, and the designs were a notch above those on “Project Runway”. Unfortunately, “Making the Cut” (2 out of 5) was a very low third for me. I didn’t enjoy the new Heidi, and the judges weren’t for me.