Tiger King – King Drama

Rating (3 out of 5)

Summary: It is hard to believe there are people in the world like the characters in “Tiger King”. I am sure that is part of the appeal, viewing people who are so ridiculous that you feel relatively normal. If you don’t enjoy this type of melodrama, then the “Tiger King” isn’t for you. The segments cover a wide range of subjects in the “Big Cat” world. This show leans more to reality TV than documentary. Even though there is a ton of drama, I did I learn about a different world out there, that I didn’t know existed.

Plot: The series follows Joe Exotic (aka the Tiger King) and his crew, exploring his relationship with Carole Baskin (and her deadly background). We watch as he turns from just an exotic animal owner to a bungling murder planner.

Detail: I was amazed at how much video footage was already shot for the documentarians. These exotic animal owners take a lot of footage of themselves, and not a lot of the film is flattering. We warn our kids to be careful what ends up in social media. These people will put anything up there.

The nice part of this show jumps around for quite a few episodes, was a nice feature. A little bit about Joe Exotic, a little bit about Carole Baskin, a little bit about other tiger owners, back to Joe and his reality tv show, and so on. The jumping helped break the monotony, that can develop with some docuseries.

They series does a fair job of showing Joe develop from big cat owner, to the Tiger King to nut job. The show demonstrates well how Joe helped people out, who others would even give the time of day. His whole crew seemed to be people who needed a second change. Then as his popularity grew you could see him evolve to something else.

Not the best show ever, but definitely not the worst. If you don’t mind a bit of drama, it is fun to watch. My favorite episode was actually about one of the other “Big Cat” owners. My second favorite has to be exploring Carole Baskin’s past.

If you watch the whole series, you do have to watch the follow-up which was made during the COVID-19 shelter in place. For example, hearing the update from Rick Kirkham made watching it all worth it.