Little Fires Everywhere – Please All Die Already

Rating (2.0 out of 5)

Summary: I wanted every character to die. They were all hypocritical people whose intentions weren’t honorable. I only stayed around to watch who actually set the house on fire. The series ends on some sanctimonious crap about being trapped in the suburbs. Thank you for insulting everything I have ever done. I was hoping for a “Big Little Lies” but boredom and insults are what I received.

Plot: Elena (Reese Witherspoon) allows Mia (Kerry Washington) and Pearl (Lexi Underwood) to live in their rental. Each family has secrets to hide and tensions flare.

Details: To start, the pace of the show is awful. Boredom is hard to fight off when it is this slow. Granted, the content was a bit long for a movie. Please 8 – 1 hour episodes was too much. This could have been done in 3 or 4 episodes. I am not sure the story would have been improved, but at least I wouldn’t be bored to tears.

I enjoy a movie or show more when there is a character I want to see redeem themselves or win the day. I felt nothing for each one of the characters in the film. The two main female characters were two of the most destructive and self-absorbed characters I have ever watched.

Each of the kids was selfish. Izzy, Pearl, Moody, Lexie, all of them it doesn’t matter. I understand kids are stupid and do stupid things. They learn and grow from them. This TV show convicts them based on how they act like a teenager. I was a moron as a teenager but I continued to learn and grow. I grew up in a more biased time, and I was horrible. I would have been the leader making fun of Lexie. We all can grow, even in the suburbs.

I was waiting for the show to build a pinnacle where both moms realized they hurt each other and their families. But no, they both remained clueless. Additionally, Mia’s character was so inconsistent. At one moment she states that losing a child is the hardest thing, but then takes Elena’s child. One of the characters has an abortion. I was surprised at the glibness Mia’s character approached how that character will respond in the future to that abortion. It either reflects bias the writer has or the inability to understand the toll abortions have on anyone.

I wish I could pull out positives about this movie, but they are hard to find. A total slog that isn’t worth the time.