The Assistant – The Snooze

Rating (1.5 out of 5)

Summary: OMG the pace killed me. The minute by minute display of Jane (Julia Garner) moping through her daily responsibilities was a bit much. The story is about her one day at work. The lone bright note came when she talks to HR. Yes, you read that correctly. The HR discussion was the climax of the movie. Movies like “The Assistant” are needed to remind us that we still, as a society, have to improve. However, for the movie to catch wide attention, it still has to be entertaining, and this was not.

Plot: The day in the life of Jane, an assistant to a big-time producer in New York. She struggles with the toxic environment in the office.

Details: Hard to describe more about this movie beyond what is in my summary. A 1 1/2 hour movie to cover her day was a bit much. Seriously, the first 30 minutes are her setting up the office before everyone gets into the office.

She makes a couple of missteps in her day and has to write apology e-mails. The edits to an e-mail by the two other production assistants provided to Jane are one of the more entertaining portions of the movie. As if writing apology e-mails were a normal everyday circumstance around the office.

Her second apology e-mail of the day.

There are other moments where individuals joke about the boss’s actions. You get it what this is about, but I needed something more. A more intriguing inflection point. The HR conversation was as close as the film gets. I needed more. She was well educated, so why did she stay or why did anyone stay. Not once was this broached, or explored the guilt that everyone in the office enabled the behavior.

We needed more than innuendo.