Love Wedding Repeat – Bad Story on Repeat

Rating (1.5 out of 5)

Summary: Not often does my wife suggest for us to try a movie on Netflix. OMG! this was awful. Not only is it a love story, but a redo love story. The initial story was fine enough, but then the redo started. That is when the move went to hell. “Love Wedding Repeat” lacks humor, and relies on strange situations to create the humor that don’t work. How was this made?

Plot: A do-over movie. At his sister’s wedding, Jack (Sam Claflin) comes across an old flame. Will he be able to find the right seating arrangements to have a successful wedding, or will everything be a disaster?

Detail: The situation set up was a bit obvious. Putting sleeping pills into a drink and the wrong person drinks, and this creates havoc. I didn’t know it was a do-over movie, and when the narrator came on to restart the story, I was annoyed because the characters weren’t that intriguing.

The characters were caricatures from every movie under the sun. I never liked any of the characters. Jack was whiney, and lacked drive. If he loved this woman, go pursue her to the ends of the earth. The sister cheated on her fiance and deserved a horrible wedding. The other couple at the table were despicable to each other.

The story was very forced. For example, the brother gave away the bride and the best man are put at the back table with rejects. Huh! Oh, we have to make the story work somehow. Let’s put Jack at the back and he can deliver the sleeping potion to the wrong person.

You watch a film like this and wonder who green-lighted the film, and why. Was the pitch better than the final production? How do you spend on something that isn’t funny and dare to call it a romantic comedy?