Bad Education – Good Movie

Rating (3 out of 5)

Summary: “Bad Education” is an entertaining movie that recounts a true story. Hugh Jackman was great in his role as the vain district superintendent. I was fascinated by how he controlled situations even when the situation was beginning to spiral. I also liked the very brief explanation of why he committed the fraud. The scheme started as most frauds do, extremely small. It was nice to watch a movie that didn’t bore me.

Plot: Fraud is detected at the Roslyn school district. Frank Tassone Hugh Jackman conceals his involvement in the scheme but the truth comes to light.

Detail: The setup is efficient and effective. The film jumps quickly to show Frank remembering all the kids, even if they had left school. We are provided a glimpse into how he handles parents. The bond between him and his co-worker Pam (Allison Janney) is clear. A perfect setup, to then reveal how Pam was living outside of her means.

But then the story starts to show how manipulative Frank is. Frank cajoles the school board into firing Pam and convincing them that this action would solve their problems fascinated me. What most fascinates me is the accountant? A trained professional with education in ethics is so easily persuaded into certain actions.

There is nothing groundbreaking in this movie. “Bad Education” is well executed and well-acted. A competent movie through and through.