Souvenir – Danger Will Robinson, Danger

Rating (2 out of 5)

Summary: Slow. Plodding. Uneventful. Blah. These represent my immediate reaction to this movie. The acting was great. The fault is in how the story is told. It is obviously autobiographical, which is emphasized over and over. The film offered no levity, no other feeling than sadness and dread. Oh, I apologize, there is a wee bit of love, but that is characterized mainly through sex. Unless you feel like a movie as I have described inspires you, please stay away.

Plot: A young movie college student, Julie (Honor Swinton Byrne) in the 1980s, falls in love with Anthony (Tom Burke), a heroin addict.

Details: Obviously, pace the pace of the film. It is slow. There is no arguing that point. So on to other aspects.

Anthony was a dick. His character started out as dick, grew into a heroin dick, oh, and spoiler died a dick. It is difficult to recall any time which I could say to myself, “Ah, that is why she loves him.” Even if he weren’t a heroin addict, I never understood the relationship.

Secondly, their relationship never had a chemistry that was demonstrated to the audience outside of the bedroom. So was it genuinely love, or purely sex. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention because I was bored. But because I didn’t feel their passion for one another, her pain of living with him felt self-inflicted, and I really didn’t have empathy for her character.

Julie’s most interesting moments were when she was on her own, in particular, when she went to a drug counseling session. I also enjoyed watching her grow at school and in her career. That is when it struck me this was autobiographical.