Upload – Download This.

Rating (3.5 out of 5)

Summary: The concept of loading your brain into the internet (Uploading) is genuinely fascinating. Add on the commercialization of the industry and how people would abuse such a tool, and you have the comedy Sci-Fi show, in “Upload”. After watching some dud, Sci-Fi shows lately, “Upload” is a delightful surprise. Don’t trust me, my wife watched, “Upload”, enjoyed it, and hold on to your seat, recommended the show.

Plot: Nathan (Robbie Amell) is uploaded by his girlfriend after a car accident. Will Nathan be able to solve the mystery of his death from his Upload?

Detail: There were fascinating predicaments brought forth with the Uploads. One of Nathan’s friends in the virtual world is a little kid, who has been in this world now at least 10 years, but his mom won’t let him grow up past 10 years old. From the Upload, he sees his brother grow-up and goes to the prom, etc. He could get a new avatar but his mom pays for the account.

Do you get the life saving surgery, or do you get uploaded?

Other issues are surfaced, such as sex with the real world through virtual suits, taste algorithms, uploads not allowed to work, watching your own funeral. The show even touches on the different Upload environments. There is a 2 Gig plan, where you are alive, but only limited to 2 Gigs of data. You can’t smile or laugh, as these use data on your plan.

The only drawback of the show is the love angle. I understand the need as a plot development tool. However, my point of view is we as your audience understand the connection quickly, and extended scenes of people making googly eyes at one another aren’t needed. This slowed the showdown, which sucked some of the fun out of the show.

This is a good show and I look forward to season 2.