Zoe’s Extraordinary Playlist – Not Extraordinary, But Fun

Rating (3 out of 5)

Summary: A cute musical TV series. The musical numbers are enjoyable, and the storyline is good moments. I enjoyed the stories around her family and her friends than her love interest. As always, the love story drags the story down. However, the singing and dancing help move the story forward. In these COVID times, I would recommend this show to brighten your day.

Plot: Zoe (Jane Levy) goes for an MRI. While in the machine and earthquake strikes. Afterward the incident, she hears people’s thoughts through song and dance.

Details: The dance numbers and the use of songs to communicate feelings were enjoyable. For example, her dad is unable to deliver his message due to illness. However, after Zoe obtains her new power, she hears him. These types of scenes were heartwarming.

Like any superpower show, there is fun in the main character learning how to use your superpower, and how to use the powers wisely.  Her neighbor, Mo (Alex Newell) was a suitable sidekick for the show.  I enjoyed Mo’s character.  But I can’t help but think that this character was forced to fit a certain profile. 

I enjoyed her co-workers and thought these characters could be leveraged more. Instead, the show focuses on the love interest in the office. So tiring. As Abby says, “Make a decision and move on.”

Max (Skylar Astin), Zoe’s best friend who has a crush on her, is whiny. The love interest between them lacked chemistry. They were perfect as friends. Why can’t the main characters have love interests outside of work?

I don’t like the direction they ended season 1. Also, they covered a vast number of areas in the first season, that I wonder if there are new undiscovered ways for Zoe to use her superpower that we haven’t addressed. This might be a one-hit-wonder. I will hold out hope for a good season 2.