Ad Astra – Be Bored

Rating (2.5 out of 5)

Summary: My constant boredom shocked me while watched this film. There are long bouts of boring pace throughout this film. If it weren’t for the pirates and baboons, this would have been an absolutely terrible movie. Roy (Brad Pitt) constantly talks to himself, which I didn’t enjoy. 2 hours for a transformation that was obvious from the very first scenes, is unrewarding and unworthy of my time.

Plot: Roy’s father, H. Clifford McBride (Tommy Lee Jones) left decades ago on a mission to Neptune. They thought he was dead, but he is alive and Roy must talk to him to save the earth.

Details: There are scenes I enjoyed, despite the slow space. The pirates who attacked them on the moon were entertaining. The director chose a realistic sound editing of a battle on the moon, which I enjoyed. There is little sound or muffled sound. The other scene was baboon/gibbon (alright, some form of primate) attacked Roy and another astronaut. That was not something I expected in outer space, so that was cool.

The concept of the psychological assessment that you take every day via a computer was intriguing. Definitely, space travel represents many mental challenges, and I appreciated the presentation of a possible process. The concept could be applied to earthly high risk occupations.

Roy talking to himself wore on me. This method often indicates that the writer can’t think of a way to communicate those thoughts and emotions through an interaction. It wasn’t as if it was super exciting topics he covered. Because of the way Roy is constructed, his chats were extremely monotone and added to the boredom.

The obvious character arc impacts the speed of the film. It wasn’t surprising that he finds his father and he challenges his own purpose. No surprise he changes in the end. A “Christmas Carol” is a more surprising story than “Ad Astra.”

The morose music added a weight that further saddened/slowed the film.