Palm Springs – This Needs a Do-Over

Rating (2.5 out of 5)

Summary: Very disappointed. There are funny parts to this film, but despite being a mere hour and a half, this movie drags. There is a change in the middle, where the movie switches from humorous to serious. It never regains the initial fun. There are so many “do-over” movies, and this is definitely not high on my list.

Plot: While attending a wedding in Palm Springs Nyles (Andy Samberg) and Sarah (Cristin Milioti) repeat the same day over and over. How will they escape?

Details: Nyles has been in this world for a while when Sarah joins. There are a few funny moments, as Nyles shows Sarah the ropes. The most hilarious moments are when Nyles and Sarah maximize their fun time in the do-over zone.

The fun suddenly stops when the couple parts ways. Sarah suddenly decides to study physics to understand how to get out of the loop. Nyles searches for Sarah but never can find her. This was all rather sad, with then an unispiring end.

There was an entertaining concept here, and we had some good jokes. But the writers didn’t know how to end it, so we forced an end, that was inconsistent with the characters too that point.

The movie suffered by focusing on two characters, rather than one. The beauty of Ground Hog is watching the one character morph, like an Ebenezer Scrooge. Here it was two characters, which didn’t work.

Then it just dawned on me this morning, the Nyles and Sarah left Roy (J.K. Simmons) behind. Roy was another wedding attendee who went through the portal. He now stayed at his home with his family rather than come to the wedding. On occasion, he would return to hunt Nyles. When they find their solution, they don’t let Roy know.

One interesting aspect of the film, was the pain the travelers would feel if they were in an accident. They would feel and remember the pain, before their day reset. For example, when they intentionally crash a car, Nyles takes off his seat belt to ensure his own death. Nyles is upset, that Sarah only maims Roy rather than kill him. Now Roy has to endure the pain of going to the hospital.

Watch “Edge of Tomorrow” (did I just recommend a Tom Cruise movie) or “Happy Death Day” before watching “Palm Springs”. I am assuming you have all watched “Groundhog Day” already.