Tales from the Loop – The Cure for Insomnia

Rating (1 out of 5)

Summary: I love science fiction stories, and I am usually willing to give them quite a bit of leeway. I lost interest after the first 50+ minute episode and struggled through 4 more. Why I watched the fifth one still amazes me. The pace of the episodes is frighteningly slow. The pace of the 5th episode was so slow, that I admittedly fell asleep.

Plot: Tales of different characters in a small science town.

Details: The most disappointing aspect of the show, is the tales themselves have the essence of good stories. Shave a good 15 minutes off each episode and the pace may have been satisfactory. The connection of one store to another, but still being a separate story was cool.

I appreciate the artistry of film. It has a time and a place. A 50-minute tv episode was not the place. There are shots where someone is going for artistry or sentimentality. In this case, it stripes the show of any pace that it gains.

On top of all this, the soundtrack was morose. This only added to the boredom.

The characters are sad, the colors are sad. There was no point. Maybe if I had made it to the end, I would be rewarded. But heck no, I am not investing 3 hours to be bored stiff.