Devs – Snoozes

Rating (2 out of 5)

Summary: OMG! How slow can you make a sci-fi show? Apparently very. How disinteresting can you make characters? Same answer. Why even make this show over 8 episodes? What is the point to long artistic shots that doesn’t add value? There is nothing here for anyone. Although, I would watch this before “Tales from the Loop”, which isn’t saying much. A weak offering.

Plot: Forest (Nick Offerman) and his team create a program that can predict the future. In doing so, his destiny crosses that of Lily (Sonoya Mizuno).

Details: Lily our heroine sucks the life out of the screen every time she is on screen. She mopes about her day. Even when she is being hunted, she is still droopy. I couldn’t get behind her in fighting against Forest.

The only high point of the show was the two programmers, Lyndon (Cailee Spaeny) and Stewart (Stephen McKinley Henderson). Instead of focusing on Lily’s love life (which is boring), why couldn’t we focused on the programmers and their dilemma with achieving the goal versos the ethics of the goal.

The show bumps head with determinism. Again, why couldn’t we have seen how they tried to fight it, and it never worked. They attempted a little, but I wasn’t enamored with the process.

The show is filled with artistic visualizations and deep throbbing music. These weigh on the show and slow the pace of each episode. They don’t add value.

For those who have watched Alec Garland’s movies “Ex-Machina” and “Annihilation”, this offers nothing new in terms of pace, or even ideas. I am not a fan.