Lucky Grandma – A Pleasant Win

Rating (3.5 out of 5)

Summary: An enjoyable 1 hour and 27 minute whose downside was a rushed ending. There are long portions of the film, where no words are uttered, but the movie is carried through action and visuals. Grandma’s luck rollercoaster introduces her to new people, new situations, and eventually returning to family. If they had simply provided about 10 more minutes of wrap up this would have been a better movie.

Plot: Grandma (Tsai Chin) has her fortune told and her luck will change on one night. After a night of gambling, circumstances change her life.

Details: The setup of the fortune-telling and the night of gambling was great. She wins money game after game, only to lose it all in one hand. However, you aren’t sure if she lost because her lucky day ended, or that wasn’t the lucky part.

Later on the bus, you are wondering if this new circumstance is the luck the fortune teller predicted. But this sends Grandma down a complicated path. A path where she meets new and different people. One of the characters she meets is her hired bodyguard Big Pong (Hsiao-Yuan Ha). I enjoyed the relationship between the two of them. Watching the two very polar opposites was often humorous.

We also learn a little about Grandma, after her big night of gambling. I wished we had learned a little more about Grandma and her motivation. Some of her background was implied, but I wanted a wee bit more to give us the rationale for her actions.

This was a cute wee story, that is short and to the point.