Project Power – Proof Acting is a Job

Rating (2 out of 5)

Summary: It is easy to forget actors are merely humble working people and have bills to pay as well. Movies aren’t always art. Movies aren’t always good. Sometimes, a movie is a paycheck. “Project Power” is that paycheck. I wish I had something positive to say, but I don’t. The powers were lame, the actions scenes were okay, the acting was fine, and the script was garbage. Skip “Project Power”.

Plot: There is a pill you can pop giving you superpowers for 5 minutes. Each person has a different power. Art (Jamie Foxx) is trying to find his daughter, who is being used by an evil company, as the source of the pill.

Detail: The state of Louisiana must have contributed to this film because the scenes in New Orleans are forced. It seemed as if we had written the story, then received the money, and had to figure out how to feature New Orleans. For example, Frank (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is our hard-working, bend the rules cop, who runs around in a Saints jersey while pursuing bad guys after a Saints game. OMG! Can we push New Orleans harder?

Then Art and Frank befriend a girl who was selling the pills to help her sick mother. Robin (Dominique Fishback) wasn’t a lousy sidekick, and I did like how she became involved. I also didn’t mind her raps. However, the story suffered from being spread amongst too many people. Focus on Art and Robin, or Frank and Robin, and her character would have shined even more.

Unfortunately, the writer forgot about the paycheck and tried to create are, when Art gives her a speech about power coming from within. This incredible (read this with a sarcastic tone) speech finally inspires Robin to rap aloud. The whole scene didn’t fit well with the movie and was didn’t add value.

I had other problems. People just understood how to use their powers. Powers last for everyone for 5 minutes. Why is it the time for everyone the same? What happens when you take them back to back? They make a correlation about animals so that Art can tell everyone his big scary power, which is related to a supersonic shrimp (I stopped paying attention after a while so it might have been something else).

The movie was flat and felt forced. Proof that Mr. Fox and Mr. Gordon-Levitt simply needed a paycheck. This is also further proof I should listen to Eddie at more often.