Evil Genius: The True Story of America’s Most Diabolical Bank Heist – Hoarders Rob a Bank

Rating (3.5 out of 5)

Summary: I must preface my review with one prejudice. I enjoy crime documentaries. “Evil Genius” is easy to watch and enjoyable. The bank robbery by itself is fascinating. The crew behind the crime is so odd, and their backstory is like a drug. I was addicted to the show. They revealed slowly who was the mastermind and the series does this in 4 short and sweet episodes.

Plot: A docuseries recounts the investigation of the “pizza bomber heist.”

Details: The show starts by introducing you to Marjorie when she was younger. The show switches to the bizarre bank robber with the pizza delivery man with a bomb strapped around his neck. Sadly he dies, but by then you are hooked to this bizarre case and how Marjorie was involved.

Then as a separate case unfolds, involving a dead body in a refrigerator, you wonder how the two cases intersect. Then the series brings in the conspirators. While a bit obvious in how the director was trying to hook you, it worked. I wanted to know more.

The reporter who stayed in contact with Marjorie and pieced together major components of the case verged on heroic. How he stayed with the case throughout the years, and corresponded with Marjorie was amazing to me. He persevered and finally revealed a significant clue to the rationale behind the murder.

This was an enjoyable COVID-19 few nights watch.