Troop Zero – Zero New Here

Rating (2.5 out of 5)

Summary: A cutesy film, that is great if you have pre-teen girls around the house. “Troop Zero” doesn’t offer anything new and is rather predictable. A typical story of poor, unpopular girls versus the well-off, snooty troop. They work their scrappy ways to make an impact, and win the hearts of the audience.

Plot: Christmas (Mckenna Grace) wants her voice to be on the record that NASA will shoot into outer space. The only way she can achieve this is to win the Birdie Scouts jamboree.

Details: This isn’t a bad movie. There simply isn’t anything new within “Troop Zero. Christmas has a goal. Christmas gathers her gang of misfits and they start their uphill battle.They gather their coach, and go off to battle at the jamboree. As I finish writing this, this a “Bad News Bears”, but without the vulgarity.

While the show is cute, it never reaches a funny or humorous, that you get to a “Bad News Bears” (or at least as I fondly remember it from my childhood). Watching the girls come together is cute, but highly anticipated. Everything is blah.

I am struggling to write a review for this movie, because it is essentially a non-descript film. “Troop Zero” is a cookie cutter film, targeted at gaining a child audience for a streaming service.