Guns Akimbo – Guns Crank

Rating (2 out of 5)

Summary: Mix “Nerve” with “Crank” and you end up with “Guns Akimbo”. Believe it or not, an overly complex script hurts this film. There are good lines here and there. I openly chuckled a few times. But the plot is so chaotic, it destroys the film.

Plot: Internet troll, Miles (Daniel Radcliffe) is kidnapped by
Skizm and forced to play a televised game to the death, after they screw guns to his hands.

Details: Weird to say, but “Guns Akimbo” overthought the storyline. Did we need a complicated backdrop of Nix (Samara Weaving), with her father the cop, and the Skizm leader Riktor (Ned Dennehy)? Did we need detail about his office life? This story needed to be a bit more straightforward.

I am so tired of the expert in guns always missing the easy target. Nix, when she first starts hunting Miles, can’t seem to hit him. How she didn’t readily kill him was a bit disappointing? Substituting that with viewers choosing Nix’s weapon would have made these scenes better. Viewers picking throwing stars or something harder would have been a better start. Of course, when Nix needs to hit people, she can’t stop hitting the mark.

There we some good jokes that I did enjoy throughout the movie. But these were dispersed all over the movie and were overpowered by the absurdity of it all.