The Vow – Wow. Sex Cult.

Rating (4.5 out of 5)

Summary: Cults fascinate me. How people are lured into the cult and then the even more difficult task to escape? “The Vow” has all that plus the takedown, and all on video. I was mesmerized as the main characters show how they were sucked into the cult. Then impressed when they one by one escape. Finally, as they learn about the sex cult portion of the organization, and the team together to take the organization down.

Plot: The story of NXIVM organization that turns into a cult as told by former members.

Details: I read articles about NXIVM and how their all-female organization had morphed into a sex cult. However, to see how the whole organization was a cult amazed me. Usually, cult stories are told from the outside looking in. In this case, a couple of leaders show their path into the cult and eventually out of the organization.

Bonnie Piesse is a true hero. To bravely leave the NXIVM without her husband, and then rescue him. I don’t even know how strong she was to achieve this accomplishment. She recounts the story of the bed on the floor where she slept for some error she had made. I was horrified about how deep they were in the cult.

Her husband, Mark Vicente showed incredible humility by discussing how he missed all the warning signs. The realization of how poorly he treated his wife and his guilt about bringing many people into the organization,

The pace of the shows is what distracted me the most. The last two or three episodes dragged. The content was important, but presented in drizzles. Up to that point the pace had been steady.

The video footage from within the cult is amazing and Keith Raniere is creepy. Keith kissing everyone on the mouth was weird. As soon as you hear about the sashes, handshakes, and other rituals, you realize NXIVM is a cult. How good people were sucked in is always something for us all to watch.