Rachel Gets Strange – 1st Third Sucks You, the 2nd Third Sucks You Dry

Rating (0.5 out of 5)

Summary: The introduction is interesting—a textbook efficient setup. Acting is a little iffy in spots, but hey, “Rachel Gets Strange,” is a low budget flick. The film takes a sudden turn after then setup when we meet a potential roommate. The movie steadily deteriorates. The whole film has the feeling that the director/writer had one script in mind, but someone asked him to make a vampire movie. He throws vampires on top of a comedy he had already written, and you get Awful, Awful, Awful.

How can Scott rate other movies a 0.5 when this is out there? I don’t know. This makes all other movies look like academy award winners.

Plot: Rachel (Jennifer June Ross) lives in a house in a deserted new community. After being left at the altar, she must face vampires, potential renters, and men.

Detail: Let’s deal with the so-called comedy. The constant use of the word penis and details of shoving a penis in a vagina, and using the word vagina, is not funny. They kept at this strategy over and over, and it didn’t work.

The situation itself had potential—multiple suitors at her house when the vampires attack and a room full of wedding gifts. The materials were there to create the humor, and we bypassed it for bad dialog.

The vampires were the biggest waste of time. They must have spent all their budget on…. well, I don’t know where they spent it as you only see a little blood. The chase in the desert was basically a truck driving and shining lights every where.

They missed an opportunity to build on the initial setup. She went up pizza mountain every night because that was the only place she could get a signal. We needed to establish was the tricks she learned going up, and that is how she stopped the truck. She simply hides in the shrubs and the truck can’t find her. Rachel doesn’t even end on top of the mountain in the end.

Parents, if your children are really bad make them watch this movie as punishment.

Kids, if your parents are annoying you, turn on this movie to annoy them back.

If neither of these apply, do not watch this film.