Tired of Mediocrity

I have over a handful of blog posts to write. The problem, is the shows and movies range from bad to barely watchable. Writing reviews about this quality of shows repeatedly is exhausting. I want to shorten the reviews to “this blows,” “not worthy of your time.” But I feel this just makes me lazy.

Here are what I see as pervasive issues

PACE – Get to the point. A long introduction isn’t necessary. Long extracted scenes of scenery or people looking at the horizon are merely dull. A steady pace keeps the audience engrossed. This is even more pronounced with TV Series where we have to produce 8 or 9 episodes when we only have a storyline for about 6. Give me fewer episodes, but make them great. If not, I might not make it through the whole series, and I probably won’t watch season 2.

STORY – Stop trying to complicate the plot and throw a bunch of characters at us. A simple story is a better story. The main character should have a simple, straightforward motivation. Too often, we are faced with multiple characters, each with their own subplots. Keep the side characters to a minimum. More characters dilute the main character.

SPECIAL EFFECTS – Put simply, story trumps special effects every day of the week. Star Wars works, not because of the special effects, but because of the story and pace. The special effects add to those elements. To commonly today, special effects are used to compensate for the lack of a story. I blame “Independence Day” for this crutch.

SHOCK – We have all seen almost everything before. The audience isn’t surprised or shocked by decapitation or graphic sex scene. These “Shock” gimmicks take away often from the plot of the movie. Oh yeah, and if am asleep (Pace) or don’t care (Story), then the shock is basically worthless.

PC – OMG! In trying to be politically correct, we have inadvertently lost the movie’s power to communicate important messages. If I went to a high school, I would expect to find a band of geeky girls, two of whom are lesbian lovers. And to be ultra PC, at least one, if not both, are a minority. That is how PC and stereotypical these movies have become. A good story doesn’t force political correctness.

Utopia – Pace and story

The Boys – Pace and shock

The Witches – All 4

Enola Holmes – Pace and PC

The list goes on and on.