Spontaneous – That Explains The Writing

Rating (2 out of 5)

Summary: It constantly amazes me how writers can have a great idea and then just don’t know how to end the movie. The first 1/2 is paced well with people exploding all the time. They interweave a love story with it, but as long as people explode, it kept pace.

Suddenly, the movie changes, and we are dealing with death, as our main character becomes an alcoholic. The pace was so slow, I was hoping I would explode.

The two halves were too much of a swing for me, with the back half just being a drudge.

There are hints at her relationship with the FBI agent that aren’t explored. Her relationship with her parents is odd and never feels true. The end is the worst for me, people stop exploding, and then she leaves the town, with very little resolution or growth in the character.

Plot: While her fellow seniors begin to explode, Mara (Katherine Langford) falls in love with Dylan (Charlie Plummer).