The Forty-Year-Old Version – A Good Version

Rating (3.5 out of 5)

Summary: Finally, a show I enjoyed. A simple story about a woman at crossroads in her life. The movie runs a little over 2 hours, and the pace is fairly steady. There was only one portion where the movie slowed down.

I enjoyed the humor’s subtlety as we explore a black woman writing a show for a white producer in New York. The struggles between her original vision and what the white man wants to produce are extremely realistic.

Her interaction with her class helped show her current status and her struggle with her career. Then her relationship with her childhood friend/manager, as she transforms her career to rap, was entertaining—all in all, a good watch.

Plot: Radha (Radha Blank) now teaches while trying to get her script produced on Broadway but decides to try rapping. At 40, can she change careers?