The Sound of Metal – Bang My Skull

Rating (3 out of 5)

Summary: Running at 2 hours, I was constantly looking for the fast forward button. The premise is interesting, and the movie is well-acted. However, the movie failed to invoke any emotion from me, and I felt nothing from this film, good or bad.

Ruben is more than a little self-centered and was overly rude to people trying to help him. If the people trying to help weren’t clear on expectations, I would understand his anger. But he always held something back from him, and to me, was worthy of their kindness. Because of his approach to people, I didn’t care for his character.

A lot is going on here, hearing loss, addiction recovery, love, family relationships. But like I said before, none of it made me feel anything. In the middle part of the film, there was a moment where Rubeb starts overcoming his impairment where I started to empathize with Ruben, but then he centered on himself again, and my interest disappeared.

Plot: A drummer in a band loses his hearing and struggles to alter his life.