Tenet – If I Could Go Back in Time, “John Don’t Watch This”

Rating (2.5 out of 5)

Summary:  I will preface my review with the fact that I don’t particularly care for Christopher Nolan films.  They are overly complicated and reliant on some sort of gimmick to save the day. Secondly, I am not a fan of time travel films.  Time travel results in lazy writing and contrived wow moments.  This movie has all these qualities, and I wasn’t impressed.

“Tenet” doesn’t differ from some “Inception” or “Interstellar.”  If you loved these films, you would definitely enjoy “Tenet.”

The movie has a Bond or Mission Impossible vibe.  Almost as if Nolan had been denied to write for these franchises and wrote his own spy movie.  There are good bond type scenes, and had the time elements been removed, I would have enjoyed the cloak and dagger by itself.  For example, Protagonist (John David Washington) has dinner with the bad guy Sator (Kenneth Branagh) to continue with the Bond theme and is invited to Sator’s yacht.  The only item missing from the sequence was the shark tank. 

The movie faltered precipitously with the love interest.  The love between Protagonist and Kat (Elizabeth Debicki) was forced.  Protagonist is a badass CIA agent who is focused on his mission.  All of a sudden, he decides to sacrifice the world for a woman he recently met.  This tact was out of character and cheapened his principled nature. 

The script overall was predictable. Nolan telegraphed a return to the Oslo vault.  Even Kat diving off the boat at the end, as a means of communicating her freedom, was ultra Hollywood and predictable.  The final scene was overly hooky but was meant to be mind-blowing.  

Plot:  Protagonist must stop Sator from destroying life as we know it by utilizing the inverted world.