One Night in Miami – Nice Try

Rating (2.5 out of 5)

Summary: I wanted to like this movie. Really I did. To think these four greats were all together on that one night. But the pace was so slow. Worst of all, there wasn’t much humor layered into the film to help transitions between the serious moments. How do you make Muhammad Ali look dull? The best part of the film was introducing the four men at the beginning of the movie.

I guess if you like “Mo Rainey’s Black Bottom,” you will enjoy this. Basically the same gist, except with famous people from the 60s. Like “Mo Rainey,” “One Night in Miami” is another stage play adapted for film. Most of the film takes place in the hotel room, where the four men argue throughout the night.

These were really remarkable men. Unless you are moved by the arguments to the four men’s different approaches in dealing with a white-dominated society. I would prefer to watch documentaries about each of them. The Sam Cooke documentary I watched was fascinating, and I would recommend the documentary over this film.

Plot: Four of the world’s most influential men (Malcolm X [Kingsley Ben-Adir], Muhammad Ali [Eli Goree], Sam Cooke [Leslie Odom Jr.], and Jim Brown [Aldis Hodge]) meet in a hotel room to celebrate Muhammad Ali becoming the world champ.