She Dies Tomorrow – Wish it Was She Dies Instantly

Rating (1 out of 5)

Summary: This summary is written after watching the film, before reading other reviews. The movie was, in my daughter’s words, TRASH. What on earth!!! My wife and I had flashbacks to “Ghost Story” as the main character meanders around her house, not saying anything. This felt like the first hour of the movie. I know it wasn’t that long, but it dragged.

I struggled on so many levels with this movie. The “Die Tomorrow” contagion was interesting, but the reaction to me felt odd. Let me explain. Amy (Kate Lyn Sheil) believes she is going to die tomorrow, and as she runs across other people, they too believe they will die tomorrow.

This isn’t a “Do what you have never done before” because you know you are dying movie.

This isn’t a “Try and prevent death, even though you knew it’s coming, in the end, you cause your own death.”

This isn’t a “Review your life and explore your regrets and atone for your wrongdoings movie.”

This sucks your soul out and munches on it for breakfast because we are dying tomorrow, maybe, who the hells knows, because no on f*%^ing screen ever dies.

I reflect on “Parasite” and how the film was simply entertaining. Then to think on top, there was a message that there was a message about socioeconomic differences. Wow, mind blown.

Here, they try to blow your mind, but lose me in boredom. They tried so hard, it hurt. They tried telling the story a little out of order. But that didn’t add to the tale. They tried having a friend have art that all of a sudden includes her blood, oooo.

This movie is being hyped for no real good reason. I should have turned this off, when “NEON” showed in the titles

Plot: Amy believes she is going to die tomorrow, and her belief spreads like a contagion.