Nomadland – Noexcitement

Rating (3 out of 5)

Summary: What a snooze fest? Running at 1 hour and 47 minutes, we must have at least a 1/2 hour dedicated to looking at picturesque views of different areas across the US. While address the emotional baggage of a little off the main character Fern (Frances McDormand), there really isn’t a push or tension anywhere in the film. There are moments where you think you are about to deal with it, and then the moment is lost.

I didn’t care about the character. She was non-descript. The people around her were way more interesting than herself. The woman who was traveling to Alaska, Bob Wells (playing himself), to her boyfriend.

I was more interested in the lifestyle than her than her.

Again, we see high Metascore ratings (94) for a movie that just makes the average cut for me. “Parasite” was a 96, and “Shawshank” 80… This movie is nowhere near the quality of those two films. The ratings are rigged.

This is just an average film

Plot: Based on true events. After the plant shuts down in her little town of Empire, Fern lives out of her van crisscrossing the United States.