Boss Level – Laughlingly Bad

Rating (2 out of 5)

Summary: If you go in expecting a great film, then search elsewhere. If you let go and accept this movie for what it is, sit back, and laugh at how silly the film is, then “Boss Level” can be quite fun.

A do-over film, where Roy (Frank Grillo) must battle his way through a series of minions to defeat Colonel Clive Ventor (Mel Gibson), “The Boss.” I admit I laughed at parts of the do-over. The treating of the do-over, like restarting a game, was well done. His deaths were entertaining, and how he named the minions was fairly funny.

The movie loses a bit of steam as Roy hangs out with his son in the game room. When the movie focused more on overcoming the minions and figuring out how to defeat the boss, it picked up again. There are about 20 minutes where the movie lost me a bit, and then it picked up again.

There are no surprises. Roy is good. Colonel Clive is bad. Roy will save the day and defeat all. The ride goes as expected.

Not the best film ever, but I was more entertained by this than some of the critically acclaimed movies because it didn’t pretend to be good.

Plot: Roy’s wife sent him into a time loop. He must battle through the minions and the boss to save his son, his wife, and the world.