Tom Clancy’s Without Remorse – I Have Watchers Remorse

Rating (2 out of 5)

Summary: I set my mind that “Without Remorse” wouldn’t be the best movie of the year, but a decent action/spy movie. No, seriously, I thought if I lowered my expectations, they had a better chance of being met or, dare I ever hope, to be exceeded. Being wrong all the time these days sucks. “Without Remorse” is flat.

How do you make a revenge movie about a Navy seal whose wife and unborn child was assassinated boring? We have to show their love first, then his rehabilitation, and then finally John Kelly (Michael B. Jordan) has to go to his house and cry in the bedroom. This is almost 30 minutes of an hour and a forty-five-minute movie.

Now, after this, the action picks up a bit. The airport scene kicks all off the action. But after that scene, then the pace slows down while we transition to the jail and discussion with the CIA. The action scenes themselves were fine but felt mechanical. There wasn’t a fluidness or energy to the film.

Plot: John Kelly’s former Navy Seals and his family are killed by Russians and he goes on a mission to get revenge