Mortal Kombat – A Boring Cookie Cutter

Rating (2 ouf of 5)

Summary: I enjoyed the introductory story. Oh, did I mention I like the first scene? That was about all I liked about this film. The rest of the storyline was predictable and boring. Even someone being cut in half was rather dull.

The only character that seemed to have any life on the screen was Kano (Josh Lawson). I chuckled a little when he was bantering with the other characters. But that was the only levity to the show.

The evolution of powers outside of Kano was dull. The training was mediocre. The hero, Cole (Lewis Tan) was boring. The sets where they trained was obviously a set making the entire film cheap. If you are going into the video vibe, then lean, it not give me some decent effects.

I don’t know what else to say. Such an underwhelming movie.

Plot: Cole and his friends must battle enemies from the Outworld to save Earth.