Attack on Titan (Season 1 through 4)

Rating (3.5 out of 5)

Warning on my rating. The rating is directed to those who are open to enjoying anime. For example, for my wife, almost all anime will be a 1.

Summary: The first season is a bit slow, as we form the characters and the plot. How many times can they use the word “Humanity.” And crying, so much crying. Then if they aren’t crying, there is yelling. But once you get past that, there is an interesting story and some characters you become attached to.

The hero is constantly a pain. It doesn’t matter which season; he is always an ass. The hero doesn’t matter when there are so many other interesting substories. Eren Jaeger becomes almost a fulcrum in which to explore other stories. This becomes especially true after the first season.

Once our trio of friends, Eren, Armin, and Mikasa, join the Survey Corps, the story picks up in speed. There are constant battles, Eren gets new powers, there is new drama and deeper sub-stories. The pace of the story really picks up in Season 3 and then a new whole worlds is revealed in Season 4.

Here is the important thing about “Attack on Titan,” you want to see how it ends. You are drawn to see the next episode and what evolves. Even my daughter would get sucked into the show.

Overall, while there is a little too much melodrama, I enjoyed the storyline and wait eagerly for Season 5.

Plot: Eren Jaeger’;s life is destroyed when the Titans attack. He vows to wipe out the Titans but his journey will reveal he truth about the Titans.