Tomorrow War – Today’s Agony

Rating (1 out of 5)

Summary: This is bad. The story is horrible and the dialogue is simple. Give you an example, there is a scene in the movie explaining why they can’t take certain time travel actions. It was obvious the writers were trying to narrow why the time jump was necessary, and why they weren’t going down other avenues.

The crying scene on the beach when Dan (Chris Pratt) and his future daughter, who is now a colonel, broke down crying about Dan leaving his family. But wait, he didn’t leave; he jumped forward into time, but she didn’t mention that. Are there now 2 timelines? But I digress on the stupidity of this movie. When Yuri (his daughter-Yvonne Strahovski) started crying, I couldn’t contain my laughter any longer. I thought this was the low of the film. Man, it sucks to be wrong all the time.

Dan returns to his timeline with the poison that could kill the aliens. But where do the aliens appear? All the current time is the aliens suddenly appear in Russia. Suddenly Dan’s wife, Emmy (Betty Gilpin), thinks that the aliens could be on earth even now, just hidden, which is why they surprise earth in the future. Have they been here the whole time? Mind blown….Not, the means your daughter and the kids from today are all mega stupid. This is the new low. Hold on, dammit, wrong again.

At the beginning of the movie, Dan teaches his class, and a kid raises his hand. Apparently, he is a geek for volcanoes. You know this is going to be important later on in the movie. Guess what? We need his expertise to save the world in the end. Because he gives us a clue where to find the aliens based on dirt in their toenails. No, you read that correctly. A high school kid and dirt in a claw. Bad.

Believe it or not, some elements continued to push this movie to new depths. I struggle to look back at this movie and find one memorable moment. This was bad.

Plot: In the future, aliens are close to exterminating humans. The future humans time travel back in time to get humans to support their army. Dan is selected to serve.