Nobody – John Wick Wannabe

Rating (2.5 out of 5)

Summary: “The Accountant” meets “John Wick” is the easiest way to describe “Nobody.” The movie starts slowly. Then suddenly, Hutch (Bob Odenkirk) is triggered by a home burglary. Then he mistakenly attacks a group of Russians, who, of course, are bad men. From there, they attack his family, and this one dorky man must take them all on.

There are a couple of problems. 1) As I have stated repeatedly, John Wick’s premise was simple, they killed his dog, and he wanted revenge. Eye for an eye. In the case of “Nobody,” this was a mistake because Hutch was in the mood for a fight. Harder to empathize with his circumstances.

But after this fight, the movie starts and stops in fits. 2) The movie picked up pace when Hutch picks his first fight. He has a discussion with his wife about their life, then bad guys attack. Then he hast to dialog about his back story. Then Hutch attacks the bad guy in his lair. The bad guy likes to sign, so Hutch has a meal and a good conversation with the bad guy. The movie felt oddly slow despite being only an hour and a half movie.

“Nobody” is a middling effort, that if I had paid more than $6.99 to rent I would have been upset.

Plot: Hutch’s life is boring, and he is ignored by his family and in-laws. One day his family is attacked in their home, and Hutch’s former violent life returns with disastrous results.