No Sudden Move – Equals Blah

Rating (2 out of 5)

Summary: This movie tries so hard to be a clever caper movie, but it never works. The first 20 or 30 minutes are entertaining as we assemble the team, and the team executes the first part of the caper. After the first few problems happen in the caper, the movie sputters, and the story pings around through the different characters.

The movie takes a real nose dive at the end. This is when Mike Lowen (Matt Damon) makes some contrived speech about how he makes so much money and will ultimately prevail through the course of life and how the current win is only temporary. The speech was strange as this was a heist movie, and now we are trying to make a political statement. It was weird and sudden and probably caused a two-star reduction.

I did enjoy the performances from Brendan Fraser and David Harbour, and I am always surprised by Kieran Culkin. However, I found the performances of Don Cheadle and Benicio Del Toro to be rather flat. Finally, the most off-putting part of the film was the lines and performance of Matthew Wertz Jr. (Noah Jupe). Matthew plays the son in the family held hostage, and the character is painful to watch.

I was looking forward to watching a decent movie and was extremely disappointed with this below-average offering.

Plot: Curt (Don Cheadle), Ronald (Benicio Del Toro), and Charly (Kieran Culkin) are brought to together hold a family hostage while the father of the house removes documents from his company safe.