Space Jam: A New Legacy – A Waste

Rating (1 out of 5)

Summary: If we were to decide the GOAT based on their acting ability, it is definitely not LeBron. LeBron can’t act. Just imagine how much money they probably spent to teach him. Even when he was turned into a cartoon, he somehow managed to act poorly. From beginning to end, this movie is painful. The story lacks any thought and is devoid of humor. Don Cheadle delivers another lackluster performance, or perhaps it was his lines, or perhaps it was a mix of both.

Now on top of all of the bad acting and boring script, there was the barrage of advertisements. The Warner Brothers’ placement of their movie catalog characters was overwhelming and pointless. However, the worst was when LeBron is turned into a cartoon and falls to the earth. Instead of a body outline, it was a Nike symbol. The commercialization overpowered the movie.

There were no positives to this film. In the first “Space Jam,” Michael Jordan made fun of himself, and there were laughs. In “A New Legacy,” there were no laughs. Just constant attempts at showing he is a family man. Ah, so this is supposed to be a LeBron PR movie. LeBron, you need to take some lessons from the Rock and make it funny.

“Space Jam: A New Legacy” is the very definition of what is wrong with movies today. A movie purely released for commercialization purposes, without any intent to provide the viewer with a quality viewing experience. No pride should be shown in producing or distributing this pointless money grab. This could be a low point for American cinema.

I don’t begrudge people making a buck, but at least give me something, anything in return. “Space Jam: A New Legacy” offers nothing.

Plot: LeBron James is transported into a video game and must play a rogue algorithm’s team to save the Looney Tunes