Cosmic Sin – Punish Those Who Made This

Rating (0.5 out of 5)

Summary: Only reason I didn’t give this a zero is I think it always is an accomplishment to complete an activity. This could be the worst movie of all time. The worst plot, terrible acting, terrible characters. “Cosmic Sin” has absolutely no value.

Usually, I will not call out bad acting. I always think it is difficult to pinpoint bad acting from a bad script or bad directing. In this case, it felt we went to the local college and asked anyone who could read to say lines out loud. Basically, everyone in this movie should never be offered a movie again, including Bruce Willis. The worst was Brandon Thomas Lee and C.J. Perry were not only bad, but as soon as they said a line, I wanted to laugh out loud.

No, the dialogue was horrible. I have watched many bad movies before, and even they have a good one-liner here or there. The lines that were supposed to be witty missed badly. Lines intended to highlight the morality of the issues or tough decisions were overly melodramatic, making it laughable.

Finally, the storyline was horrid. The landing on the planet strikes at the aliens where everyone is split up, and now there are 2 or three different arcs. The mechanic Fiona (Adelaide Kane) is stopped from going on R&R by her Sergeant, and then she becomes the team’s moral compass, having to make the hard decisions.

I have watched a lot of bad movies, and usually, I find at least one takeaway. But this movie exceeds all previous lows.

Plot: The human race makes the first contact after a civil war amongst the human race. Will we destroy these aliens before they destroy us.