Gunpowder Milkshake – A Filling Dessert

Rating (2.5 out or 5)

Summary: This was so close to a good movie (a good movie I define as 3 out of 5). Enjoyable fights scenes with a few new moves. In one scene, the heroine Sam’s (Karen Gillan) arms have been numbed, and she must fight to save their lives. A gun is taped to one arm and a knife to the other. To work the knife, she has to spin ot get her arm to move. That was something new and entertaining. There were a number of, oh that’s cool moments.

The movie is full of fun, vibrant colors, and over-the-top characters. The ladies who run the library, Carla Gugino, Michelle Yeoh and Angela Bassett are goofy but fun caricatures, but it fits.

What was missing a connection to Sam or the little girl? I think we were supposed to feel for her when the mom left her at the diner. The moment in the diner failed to make that connection. Because they failed at the introduction, we didn’t quite get Sam’s desire to save the girl. Now my daughter didn’t like Karen Gillan’s acting, but she did fine. The disconnect is because they failed to reveal the cause for her coldness.

The movie tilted is structured to be women versus men. I don’t know the reason for the bent, but it is noticeable. What is interesting is the cause of the sexism is never revealed.

If you finished everything out there already, this is interesting just for the fight scenes.

Plot: Sam’s mother leaves her during her teen years, and Sam follows in her footsteps as an assassin. She shoots a man who stole money to pay the bribe for his young daughter during one job. Sam decides to try and save the girl and runs afoul of her employer.