The Mitchells vs the Machines

Rating (3.5 out of 5)

Summary: Oh my, what a pleasant surprise, a good movie. In short, “The Mitchells vs. the Machines” is a quirky and funny animated movie. My daughter and I constantly laughed through the movie. A dysfunctional but loving family was relatable, and add battles against robots, and you are sure to laugh.

So what is wrong with the movie, you ask? It is an hour and fifty-three minutes. The introduction is sluggish, and I had to commit force myself through the start. Once past the introduction, the movie picks up in pace, and it is an easy watch from there.

The arc of the story is a bit obvious from the get-go. I know the show is for kids, but a bit of surprise would still be nice for adults.

MvsM is a cute and enjoyable movie that was a surprise to find on Netflix, a hidden gem.

Plot: Katie (Abbi Jacobson) is ready to get away from her family and start her life at college. Her dad Rick (Danny McBride), and the evil program, PAL (Olivia Colman), have different ideas. Katie’s family must band together to save the world.