Jolt – Shockingly Awful

Rating (2 out of 5)

Summary: Reluctant hero, check. Electric shock treatment, check. Good looking female hero, check. Good actors, check. “Jolt” proves you can have all the right ingredients and produce a sucky movie. The movie is only an hour and a half, but I was never enthralled with the film.

Attempts new and edgy introduction fail. The flashback sequences were a cheap copycat of other introductions. The movie tries to have a comic vibe, with the neon lights and the stark contrasting buildings. However, “Jolt” simply appears to be a movie on a set and lacks any character.

Scene after scene is a miss. The worst is the chase scene in the hospital where the female detective and Lindy (Kate Beckinsale) throw babies. The moment I started gave up on the film.

Again, as in many movies today, the plot develops to a point where the bad guy captures the hero. In Jolt, the villain’s minion captures Lindy, and he talks and talks and talks. Only to give her an option to leave. Seriously, a rich billionaire arms dealer, and you don’t know how to deal with one woman. Bullet to the head, problem solved.

Even if you put up with this nonsense, the final few scenes bring the movie to new lows. For example, Lindy climbs up a tall skyscraper between its columns in tight pants and high-heeled shoes. Over and over again, the movie goes over the top but misses on the fun meter.

There was one gag, which I appreciated. When Lindy is searching for her boyfriend, she constantly reveals that they weren’t quite boyfriend/girlfriend, giving a cute little back story. It was a nice touch.

The action scenes are fine. Seen it before, though. There wasn’t really anything new here.

Overall, a lackluster film, with the storyline being the main disappointment. Also, I am not a big Jai Courtney fan, and he didn’t do anything in this film to change my mind.

Plot: Lindy has anger management issues and self-medicates with an electric vest. Will the vest work when she goes after the man who killed her boyfriend.