WandaVision – I Envisioned More

Rating (2.5 out of 5)

Summary: The series starts with an interesting black and white 50s inspired TV theme. Cute. The next few episodes move ahead a decade as we slowly move color and discover what is happening in Wanda’s world. Got it; move on people. Then we finally get to the challenge. The development was rather slow, and I would have appreciated shaving 3 or 4 episodes from this season.

Wanda and Vision aren’t the liveliest of characters, and their interactions are quite dry. Now all the side characters are fun. Quicksilver (Evan Peters) was funny, as he was captured to play her brother. Kat Dennings comes back to Marvel as the quick-witted Darcy. Then I was pleasantly surprised that they brought back Jimmy Woo (Randall Park) from Ant-Man. When Darcy and Jimmy are together, the show is fun and has a bit of spark.

It takes too long to reveal the villain Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn). When we are introduced to her true self the director finally decides to rush, and we breeze through her back story in minutes. Heck, her character and background are 100 times more interesting than Wanda.

Basically, the big fights scene doesn’t happen until the end. That was a lot of watching to get to the point.

Overall the speed of the show was the killer. If you are a Marvel nut, definitely watch “WandaVision.” If you think Marvel is overdone, definitely skip this. For everyone else, let a toss of a coin decide your fate.

Plot: Wanda makes a world of her own with Vision. Everything is good until another witch reveals her self and Wanda must battle for herself and her family.