Extraction – John Wick Wannabe

Rating (2 out of 5)

Summary: The easiest way to summarize “Extractions,” a “John Wick” wannabe. A badass who fights his way across town by himself. First and foremost, John Wick was new and fresh. Now that we have seen it, we have seen it. Unless you a bringing something new to the table, you are useless. The background for “John Wick” was a few notches above. “Extraction” fails to connect you to the main character. Comparatively, in “John Wick,” you wanted him to extract his piece of revenge. Without this character connection, Extraction is a ho-hum action movie that fails to impress.

The movie tries to give the main character Tyler (Chris Hemsworth), a compelling back story, a visit to his house, and his acceptance of the job. With the lackluster setup of the boy’s abduction, these misses failed to give them the sole purpose of a John Wick. However, once the action starts, there is hope. The scene of the initial rescue is good.

The other fight scenes are decent, but nothing new. A bit copycat of other movies, but entertaining. A few scenes are a bit hectic, especially the driving scenes when they are rushing down the streets in the car and darting in and out of buildings. I didn’t care for those action sequences.

As the movie progress, it tries to develop the characters. Saju (Randeep Hooda) morphs from villain to hero. And the badass mercenary Tyler somehow becomes connected to the boy. So, of course, Saju and Tyler battle everyone in Bangladesh. SPOILER!! Tyler, of course, saves the boy and dramatically jumps off the bridge as he is mortally wounded. Oh heck, not a Jason Bourne thing.

Don’t get fooled by the first 1/3 of this film. “Extraction” is a basic action movie that doesn’t offer much new or noteworthy.

Plot: A lonely mercenary, Tyler (Chris Hemsworth), is recruited to rescue the son of an international drug lord.