The White Lotus – Check It Out

Rating (3 out of 5)

Summary: First, this show may think they are exploring class divisions and racial divides, but it failed miserably. They built solid opportunities to actually explore various items but whiffed. In general, I hated almost every character and hoped they would die throughout the 6 episode TV series. Some of my disdain aside, there were enough actually intriguing moments, and I wanted to see what happened next.

Some points of contention would have been resolved differently if this were realistic. For example, the CFO of a high-tech firm would have multiple rooms and not a large suite for the family. But we needed this to force certain actions with the family. It was hard to overlook some of the forced plot points, and there were lots.

I enjoyed watching Mark, the dad (Steve Zahn), and Quinn (Fred Hechinger). While Mark’s mood swings were gigantic, the exploration of differences in relationships between father and son in different generations intrigued me. The other character that was fun was Tanya (Jennifer Coolidge). Her exploration of various feelings with her mother’s death was fascinating but not as relatable for me.

This “labeling” of the two colleges girls was an awful characterization. Mark’s daughters, Olivia (Sydney Sweeney) and Paula (Brittany O’Grady), were horrible people. Their disdain for people without knowing them was distasteful. And if Paula was too good for this family, then don’t go.

In the end, what really brought the show down for me, was the lack of character growth. Their resolutions to their problems weren’t really resolutions but workarounds. The shallow and vacant resolutions left me unfulfilled in the end. Maybe that is the point, but that sort of story isn’t enjoyable to me.

Each episode should have been shaved by at least 15 minutes because the hour episodes get a little dull. I recommend you watch this show and discuss over the next dinner party or Thanksgiving dinner.

Plot: Various people go to the “The White Lotus” resort in Hawaii and have a wide variety of experiences over their time.