Midnight Diner (Season 2) – Hookers, Strippers and Good Stories

Rating (3 out of 5)

Summary: While the stories aren’t as strong as the first season, “Midnight Diner” stories are pure goodness. The stories range from all sorts of characters, like a prostitute who meets the father who abandoned her years ago or a mistress who is mistaken for a ghost. At heart, they are about people and their choices and how they choose to resolve them.

Now the stories don’t have quite the same emotional punch as Season 1, and the portion of the story told outside the diner is longer, which is why my rating of Season 2 is lower than Season 1. However, the core of the storytelling is the same.

I am impressed with how they make everyone personable. Gangsters, prostitutes, criminals, filmmakers, all walks of life are covered. The master treats each one of them with respect. There is a grace to the show, with a subtle whimsy that I appreciate.

Look forward to Season 3.

Plot: A diner is open from midnight to 7:00 am. Each episode is about a different patron.