Heist – Sex, Money and Bourbon

Rating (3 out of 5)

Summary: This docuseries hit the spot. Each heist is two episodes, covering the planning, the heists, and then detective work. They are interesting heist stories, each having very different characteristics. The first centers on a woman attracted to a bad man who derives a scheme to steal money in Vegas, but good fortune is based on sex rituals. We move on to a heist to pay for an adoption. That was exciting and sad at the same time. How the mastermind planned the whole crime was pretty funny. Finally, the bourbon heist. Rolling out casks right out of the factory; crazy.

A number of us bourbon drinkers have referred to the story, which is the last of the three. They stole a lot of Pappy. So there is a healthy following of the docuseries.

While not the best docuseries I have ever seen. A good series to watch, and nice and short. A good respite in between shows.