The Way Down – John Loves A Cult

Rating (4 out of 5)

Summary: Seriously, I find cults absolutely fascinating. How do cults develop? How do people get trapped in them? How do people escape? “The Way Down” doesn’t disappoint.

Gwen starts off selling “Weigh Down” to churches. “Weigh Down” is a program of losing weight by believing in God. That by itself is intriguing and a simple way for a guru to get started. But then she starts her own church. That is when it gets enticing.

One odd aspect is how Gwen’s appearance changed dramatically over the years. I thought the cover was a caricature, but that is how she looked. Then they cover a little about Gwen. The introspective into her divorce, her daughter, and her son is depressing. Did she really want that for them? She then gets married to former actor Joe Lara. He is not a good guy. The impact he has on Gwen is unhealthy for everyone.

There are stories of people who have escaped the church or family members deep into the church and need rescued. Each story provides a glimpse into the insanity of it all. The family who wants to help church members get out because their own daughter is trapped was truly a noble cause.

The three episodes are assembled well and make a compelling story. We burned through these in a night. I can’t wait for the other episodes to be dropped in 2022.

Plot: Explores the “Remnant Church” and their leader Gwen Shamblin.