Ted Lasso (Season 2)OMG, What a Mess

Rating (2 out of 5)

Summary: I looked so forward to this second season of “Ted Lasso.” The season is, simply put, disappointing. Character transformations are odd, and some do not fit in with the prior season.

SPOILERS COMING: There are going to be spoilers here. So the long and short of Season 2 is I struggled to get through this season. Watching an episode became a chore instead of being the reward for a long hard day of work. My only hope is that this is a setup for a Season 3 that is the best.

While my rant won’t be as long as Scott’s, it is the same. Nate (Nick Mohammed) suddenly turning bully and narcissist was perhaps the most puzzling and confusing part of the season. His shift made no sense with the Nate from season 1. The fact that Ted (Jason Sudeikis), Beard (Brendan Hunt), or anyone else never talked to him about what he was doing did not fit with the other characters from Season 1. The writers tried to create catalysts to make the metamorphosis appear logical; it was simply forced development for a season 3. Nate’s final tirade at Ted simply didn’t work for me, and if it weren’t for Roy Kent (Brett Goldstein), this season would have been a complete waste.

Nate leaving made sense, but it could have been done subtly. His and Keeley’s (Juno Temple) leaving the organization could have been the mentor/mentee relationship when someone grows, and you have to support them. Ted and Jamie from Season 1 is a great show, where Ted continued to support Jamie even though he switched teams. Nate leaving, and coaching another team, could have been opportunities for Ted or Beard to advise Nate.

There are whole episodes that confused me. The Christmas episode, Beard’s night out, and the funeral episode are the three that come to mind. What did they have to do with anything? Beard’s episode was the weirdest, which I can only imagine was a writer/director’s dream to do an all-night type film. Sorry guys, it has been done already a couple of times. The Rebecca (Hannah Waddingham) and Ted comparison of their backstories at the funeral was insulting. Rebecca caught her dad cheating on his mom, while Ted found his dad after he committed suicide. Yeah, that is the same. Why did we need this?

There are moments when you can see the old Ted Lasso season come out. A bit here and there, then all of a sudden back to an odd change. When that change happens, all I can do is roll my eyes and wonder why. The weird changes come so often episodes become hard to watch. Soccer is barely even discussed or shown throughout this season. When soccer makes a comeback, then the show has a great pace again.