Moonrise Kingdom – Boredom Rising

Rating (3 out of 5)

Summary: I enjoy elements of Wes Anderson films, but often, the whole movie is flat. The exception is “Grand Budapest Hotel,” which is a fabulous film. “The Moonrise Kingdom” is one of his movies where elements are tested and tried, but the movie is rather blah. These elements are used again “Grand Budapest Hotel,” but the results are very different.

It is very Wes Anderson. If you have seen one of his movies before, you won’t be surprised by this flick. That being said, if you love the Wes Anderson catalog, then you will enjoy this film.

I found the pace rather slow and monotonous. Quirky elements feel rather forced, like the narrator (Bob Balaban). At times, even the colors seem to be overthought and inorganic to the character and story.

I don’t hate this film. It was just not as great as others would have led me to believe.

Plot: In 1965, a young scout runs away with a young woman. They are pursued by scouts, police, and family.