The Harder They Fall – Just a Western

Ratings (2.5 out of 5)

Summary: Slow, mechanical, uninspiring. For ” The Harder They Fall, ” the only two things are new for “The Harder They Fall,” a perspective of black life in the west and an ensemble of great actors. Other than that, this is a rather uninspired western. Seriously, at its root, it is a basic Western, and you will be disappointed.

Jonathan Majors and LaKeith Stanfield are fantastic, and I will watch movies solely to see their performances. Mr. Stanfield was spectacular as a merciless gunslinger. His scene walking down the train talking calmly to the passengers pulled you into the film. He was great. Mr. Majors always does well, but especially with the end twist. This is where he shined the most.

I also really liked the character Cuffee (Danielle Deadwyler). She added a little life to the movie, and her gun-slinging scene at the end was well done.

Putting these aside, there were multiple issues with “They Harder They Fall.” First, the pace was slow. The film slowed down incessantly, and typical it was for a clunky plot or love development. Literally, my eyes were tired from all the eye rolls. There was a scene where we went to “White Town,” and all the buildings were painted white. On the surface, it is funny, but it didn’t fit with the rest of the film. Is this some weird satire or a Western? Pick a lane.

On the whole, it is an okay movie. But doesn’t really push you in any direction. It is simply a Western.

Plot: A young boy’s (Jonathan Majors) family is killed. When he is grown up, and he hunts for the killer Rufus Black (Idris Elba)